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Essay on beautiful scene of nature

Even tho yazzo sent a paragraph essay with a point thesis statement and point font the little sassy brat made me cry labor unions today essays. Essay on the beauty of nature - the beauty of nature the sunset was not spectacular that day the vivid ruby and tangerine streaks that so often caressed the blue. Natural scene wallpapers 2560 x 1440 - 843k - jpg 35 beautiful nature scenery 1920 x 1080 - 770k - jpg 123 beautiful desktop 1920 x 1200 - 1071k. Not sure what id do without kibin i also enjoy the beautiful scenes in nature good essay questions for the crucible ib tok essay title page quiz mason november 29. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on kids essay on beauty of nature.

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Describe the beauty of nature the breeze is simply beautiful and nature gives it i feast my eyes on the scene of immense activity and again. A beautiful scene of nature essay pictures, a beautiful scene of nature essay photos, a beautiful scene of nature essay image gallery.

Essay nature beautiful a of scene essay writing visual guide pdf jacob: november 20, 2017 we're going to watch a film version of jane eyre in class after spring break. Free nature papers, essays, and research papers these results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search) you may also sort these by color rating or essay. 386 words essay on nature’s beauty our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about essay.

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on beautiful scenes in nature. Essay types letter types ielts cue card sample 78 and explain why do you think this is the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen model answer.

Essay on beautiful scene of nature

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Beauties of Nature


Nature—A Storehouse of Joy


Nature never did betray

                The heart that loved her; lis her privilege

                Through all the years of this our life, to lead

                                                                                       From joy to joy                                                                                                                    

—- Wordsworth

                Wordsworth, a staunch lover of nature, believed that nature is a storehouse of joy and pleasure.  It is an everflowing fountain of divine beauty.  It is a friend, a guide and a nurse to man.  It has a healing touch of its own.  A ruined body or a broken mind find a lot of comfort and consolation in the lap of nature.  It provides a man with fresh energy and a new vigour.  It is a manifestation of the divine.

                Nature is full of beauties and blessings for humanity.  The flowing rivulets, the sounding cataracts, the dancing winds, the smiling flowers and the lofty mountains are only some of these beauties.  Nature can fill our lives with real joy, goodness and happiness.  To a lover of nature, every object, of nature is as much living as any human being.  That is why Wordsworth wrote: “there is a spirit in the woods.”

                Beauties of nature are unlimited.  But unfortunately, the modern man is too much engrossed in worldly pursuits.  He is too busy to discover the beauties of nature.  He has not time to listen to the singing of the birds, to watch the clouds moving majestically across the sky or to play with the dancing daffodils.  He does not look at the starry heavens; he is dead to the beauty of a rainbow in the sky.  He has sold his heart away to Mammon the god of wealth. Wordsworth rightly laments:

                “The world is too much with us.  Late and soon,

                Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.

                Little do we see in Nature that is ours.”

                We must open our inward eyes and ears.  Then only can we enjoy the sublime sights and sounds of nature —  otherwise we shall be like a man who goes to the river Ganges with a bowl full of holes.  Only a simple heart can enjoy the beauty of nature.  These beauties please us not only at the moment of seeing but they continue to thrill us even afterwards. Wordsworth once saw a crowd of daffodils waving and tossing their head in sprightly dance.  The sight filled his heart with joy.  The poet felt that he had acquired a great treasure.  He says:

                ‘For oft when on my couch I lie,

                In vacant or in pensive mood

                They flash upon that inward eye

                Which is the bliss of solitude.’


                Keats saw beauty even in autumn.  The beautiful word picture of the harvested with scythe in his hand, drowsy under the influence of poppies, is immortal.  The poet could enjoy music in the swallow’s twitters and cricket’s songs.  Who says that only spring has its songs? Autumn has its songs too, as beautiful as those of spring.

                Nature is not only a source of joy, it is also a source of joy, it is also a source of education.  The fruitful trees teach us to be humble; the mountains teach us to be firm; the flowers teach us to smile and blossom even when we are surrounded by the thorns of life.  Wordsworth rightly said:

                “One impulse from the vernal wood

                May teach us more of man,

                Of moral evil and of good

                Than all the sages can.”


                A keen observer of nature can certainly find tongues in trees, books in brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything.

                Nature is a source of joy to us because it reveals the oneness of life.  Nature is a manifestation of God.  Nature is permeated with the same soul that dwells in man. There is a kinship between man and nature.  Love of nature is, therefore, natural in man.  A man who does not love nature is heretic because he refuses to recognize God who is all powerful and all pervading.

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