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1948July 5

This is the biggest single experiment in social service that the world has ever seen undertaken.
Aneurin Bevan, 7 October 1948, cited in Timmins N ed (2008) Rejuvenate or retire: Views of the NHS at 60. Nuffield Trust.

The NHS is founded on 5 July 1948, following an official unveiling at Park Hospital (now Trafford General Hospital) in Manchester. 1,143 voluntary hospitals with some 90,000 beds and 1,545 municipal hospitals with 390,000 beds are subsumed within the new NHS.

General practitioners remain self-employed and largely independent, having argued successfully for a contract for service rather than a contract of service.

A new three-part bureaucracy is created to manage the service, comprising: 14 regional hospital boards (RHBs), 36 boards of governors for teaching hospitals (BGs) and 388 hospital management committees (HMCs); 138 executive councils (ECs); and 147 local health authorities (LHAs).

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