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ICELT has helped me a lot, now I am practicing the best way to design lesson plans and of coursehow to apply predicting problems, which is such an excellent point, so now I want pupils tounderstand in depth the use of comparatives as the final achievement for my final period at schooland at the same time the real use of ICELT the way of class planning and ongoing.I am going to use several activities in which Ss are going to have the opportunity to apply both,their knowledge in L1 as well as their new knowledge of L2


and also I hope that several studentswho show difficulties can get their new topic during this final period of the year. If I am able to leadthem to new discoveries and more fluency in speaking it would be a great achievement.


Jeremy Harmer in How to teach English presents the main features of good teachers, stressing theidea that being a good teacher can be something "natural" almost genetic for some but also statingthat training and practice refinement can play a crucial role for the rest, most of us, in fact.The first activity I used was based on their own picture dictionary: Students brought cutouts fromsupermarkets booklets in order to organize them by groups this way: cars, house hold appliances,technology, and food. After that we started calling them aloud so the whole vocabulary is learnt andthen we are going to start comparing TV sets, refrigerators and so on, using everyone’s pictures.This activity is to be done in pairs just by learning comparatives, no superlatives so far. It isimportant for them to express themselves about their own possessions and likes so the activityends up being really meaningful.The following activity is going to be grammar-based and it will involve not only the structure andvocabulary but also the use of the exceptions to the rule.

This TV set is bigger than that one, that refrigerator is smaller than this one, and the use of colours,my car is white and your car is white, too. But your car is whiter than my car.

I would like them to develop possessives and to say my car is whiter that yours.


Some of the problems that learners have showed the ones related to false friends and how thedifferences between L1 and L2 have interfered. These are:

he is the most tall in the class, my mother cooks richer than your mother, my video games are more new than Pablo’s.

Unformatted text preview: NUTR 331: ASSIGNMENT 3 Assignment 3: Nutrition Issue Evaluation Begin working on Assignment 3 after you have completed Unit 14. Assignment 3 must be submitted prior to your ending contract date. It is worth 14% of your final grade. If you have difficulty understanding what you need to do, please contact your Academic Expert, who will assist you. This assignment is designed to help you learn to critically evaluate nutrition or diet information. Select a nutrition or health issue that is covered in Units 11-15. Write a short paper of 1000-1500 words (3-5 pages) that expands or builds on information found in the Study Guide and textbook, rather than repeating it. Include at least four credible sources of information beyond the Smdy Guide and textbook. Information Sources Sources of reliable information may be obtained from the sources listed in Table C1.2 on p. 23 of the textbook. Other reliable sources include the Heart 8: Stroke Foundation of Canada (http : / / site / c.ikIQLcMWJtE/b. 2796497 / k. BF8B / Home.htm), Canadian Diabetes Association (, MedlinePlus (http :// , and Healthfindergov (wwwhealthfinder. gov). Format The assignment must include a title page with your name, AU student ID number, course number (NUTR 331), tutor name, and submission date. Please double-space your assignment, use a standard font (e.g., Times New Roman), and include one-inch margins on all sides of the page. Marking Rubric The assignment will be graded as follows: 10 marks 1. Selection of an appropriate topic. 20 marks 2. Introduction, relationship to course material. 30 marks 3. Critical presentation of the material supported by solid reasoning. 10 marks 4. Conclusion. NUTR 331: ASSIGNMENT 3 15 marks 5. References. You may select any style for the references (e.g., APA Style, MLA Style, Chicago Manual of Style), but you must be clear, accurate, and consistent in your referencing style. 15 marks 6. Overall presentation: Collection of information, organization, quality of expression. To achieve an excellent grade, be sure to properly evaluate the accuracy of the information to which you refer. Unit 2 of the Study Guide explains the strengths and weaknesses of different types of research. For example, if you discuss the importance of a particular nutrient in preventing a particular disease (say Vitamin X for disease D), then make a clear case (based on the evidence available) that Vitamin K does indeed prevent disease D. If you discuss how an excess of substance S in the diet increases the risk of disease Y, then refer to evidence that demonstrates this. Be sure to evaluate the extent to which this evidence is research-based. For example many claims for diet- disease relationships are based on mere speculation, some are based on epidemiological evidence, and some are based on strong evidence from randomized, controlled trials. Submitting Your Paper Please review the “Academic Integrity” section of the Snident M antral. Submit your completed paper to your tutor via the online Assignment Drop Box for Assignment 3. We strongly advise that you keep a copy of your assignment until it has been marked and returned to you. ...
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