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I applied online. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at XL Dynamics (Bengaluru) in July 2013.


Four rounds & two days Hell lot of crowd (arnd 300+) timing 10 am to 1 am( so in two phases)
quite hectic & frustrating.
1st day
R1- Aptitude, reasoning & verbal (30 min)
it felt pretty easy round but out of 300+ guys only 80-90 made it (cut off was high i think)
result came after 1 hour

after this round
R2 - case study (1:30 hour)
based on mortgage
only 40+ guys made it.
result came after 1:15 hour.
at the end of the day 6 pm we were told come on next day with a separate time given to each.

2nd day

i was called on 4:30 pm bt interview held after 1 hr

R1- HR interview
just a formality and detail gathering round.
your family background, last ctc, expected ctc, bond of 1.5 years, no leaves till six months etc.

R2- Ops Interview.

2 question based on case study.

results after one week.
 just wait sooner i'll post the review once will get posted.


my previous CTC was quite good so HR asked me the expectations. she asked for last bargained CTC, . so take your bargain based on your situation & necessity. they will not give a steep hike for sure ( it was written on their mail that ctc will be 3-5 lpa & ctc will nt b constraint for right candidate but actually it is)

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I applied online. I interviewed at XL Dynamics (Bengaluru (India)) in October 2017.


1st Round: Math Aptitude round- Basic level questions of Maths ( Sub, Mul, Add ) but there were 120 questions which need to be solved in 3 hours. We will get very tired but what they require is 99% accuracy. Out of nearly 25 people, only 4 people cleared and I was one amongst them

Round 2: Comprehension. One passage was so difficult to crack and the other was the opposite,so easy. I took the whole 1 hour to crack it. It had questions even about synonyms. Only 2 people cracked it and I was again one amongst them.

Round 3: Case study- A company with a very bad working environment was given and fully about the company and its ceo was given. The question was will you work in such an environment and support your answer with reasons. I voted that I would work for the company and wrote supporting answers. I was finally shortlisted for the final skype interview. Tomorrow is my skype round. Will update if it turns out positive. Also check the XL dynamics website . They will ask, What do you feel good about xl dynamics website.

Interview Questions

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