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Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


Standing Female Nude


Improvisation 27 (Garden of Love II)


Bottle and Wine Glass on a Table


John Marin and Alfred Stieglitz


Portrait of a German Officer


St. Paul's, Manhattan


Alfred Stieglitz at 291


Here, This Is Stieglitz Here


The Café Terrace


Drawing XIII


Georgia O'Keeffe


Black Iris


I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold


Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue


From the Faraway, Nearby


Black Place II


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Four Stations in His Circle Essay

688 WordsOct 21st, 20113 Pages

In the story “Four Stations in His Circle”, Austin Clarke reveals the negative influences that immigration can have on people through characterization of the main character, symbols such as the house that Jefferson dreams to buy and the time and place where the story takes place. The author demonstrates how immigration can transform someone to the point that they abandon their old culture, family and friends and remain only with their loneliness and selfishness.

The first literary device that the author uses to express the theme is the characterization of Jefferson. As we can notice right from the beginning of the story, Jefferson is characterized as “immigration transformed”. (27) This suggests that he was different before, and he…show more content…

But that is what Jefferson wants. He wants to live among rich people and be, or at least pretend to be as rich as them. So he decides “never again to speak to black people” (28) that he now considers as a waste of time and money, because they were always borrowing money from him and never pay back. Then, he used all his savings to buy a big empty house in Rosedale. What Jefferson never thought about is how he was going to fill up the house not only with furniture, but with friends and love. He found himself into an empty house, alone and lonely.

As a third literary device, the author uses the setting to express the theme of the story. The cultural differences between Jefferson’s place of origin, Barbados and Canada are easily noticeable throughout the story. His education is one of them. At some point “he telephoned the university to see how he could become a diplomat.”(29) This proves how Jefferson resumed everything to money. He thought that it was somehow possible to buy diplomacy or acquire it overnight. He also had unsupported beliefs about how expensive education can be. Once, while walking through Queen’s Park, he saw a couple wearing Toronto University jackets, making out. Jefferson immediately presumed that they are “so broke through education, they can’t afford a hotel room.”(27) Of course this was probably not true, but Jefferson’s cultural influence led him to this belief.

In conclusion, Austin Clarke manages to expose trough these three

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