Descriptive Essay Ideas For Middle School

A List Of Interesting Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School

A narrative descriptive essay will have two parts i.e. the description and the narration. The description will involve a detailed account of the thing you are talking about. Since most schools do not ask students to write about people, the topic is generally a scene, place animals or things. Once you have given the details you think are important, you will have to narrate your own experience or feelings about the topic. This is where you tell a brief tale about the animal, scene, place or thing.

List of topics to work upon

  • Write on your pet or what do you think a pet should be like. Let the readers form a mental picture from your description about your pet or the ideal pet.
  • One of the most memorable weddings that you have attended and what made it so memorable. Describe other weddings too and write how they were any different.
  • One of the biggest misunderstanding that you have witnessed or something in which you were involved. You can write about any major event that took place in your life.
  • Describe a heroic act that you may have done. You can also write about the most cowardice thing you have done in your life.
  • The first day of a new school can be an interesting affair and something that all students remember for a long time. So you can write about the first day and all that happened that day and how you felt at the end of it.
  • A day spent camping in the woods can be quite eventful. You can easily write descriptive essay on the experience you had during camping or hiking in a forest. The narrative part can be adventurous with a sense of danger.
  • If you like history or some specific character from the history books, you can write about an imaginary meeting with this person. It will be completely made up but you can get lots of details about the person and how he talks or dresses from the history books.
  • The first time you learned to ride a bicycle can also be quite a good topic for a narrative essay.
  • You can write about one of the wild animals that you may have seen on one of your vacations. You can also write about the whole experience and how you saw the animal and what happened next.

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Top 20 Descriptive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Descriptive essay writing is good writing practice for students. This type of essay writing is considered one of the easiest forms of essay writing. You can choose a topic that allows you to provide plenty of information and details to readers as if they were part of the scenario. Students often choose a personal experience or an event to write about. Doing so provides plenty of information you can include for your topic.

Getting Inspiration for Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

When you think about descriptive writing what comes to mind? When you produce a paper of this nature you need a topic idea that will encourage you to write details. The details are what make your paper significant. Details actually describe your content but you need a good topic that will make this element of the process easy for you to complete. To get inspiration think about events or things that take place on a regular basis. What are things that interest you and could you share such information in a way that is intriguing and thought provoking with clear explanation?

How Using Sample Essay Papers Can Give Ideas on What to Write

Samples papers are commonly sought by students for a few reasons. They provide quick reference for possible ideas for topics you may be interested in writing. You can find several options through academic databases online. You can search through them and look for papers on certain topics. Then you can read through each option and start writing ideas that come to you.

20 Ideas to Help You Develop Your Own Descriptive Essay Topics

Here are 20 ideas to help you come up with an essay topic for a descriptive writing assignment. You will notice many prompts are basic ideas but you can brainstorm further to make the idea your own.

  1. Your favorite dinner.
  2. Your best friend.
  3. A bad experience.
  4. A bad dream.
  5. Your favorite outfit.
  6. A movie you recently saw.
  7. At the beach.
  8. A sad moment.
  9. Your favorite book.
  10. Your pet.
  11. A store.
  12. Favorite restaurant.
  13. A typical school day.
  14. Your favorite sport.
  15. A snow day.
  16. An academic achievement.
  17. Choosing a career.
  18. Traveling to a city or country.
  19. Childhood memories.
  20. First day of middle school.

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