Specific Assignment

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  • Right, I'm manually adding data to to the required fields on the Incident Interface Create form using Chapter 2 of the Integrations white paper to simulate the behavior of bringing data from my custom form.


    My issue is that I'm trying not to use the assignment engine, I want to assign the tickets to specific users already defined in the tool I'm bringing into Remedy (a custom ticketing system).


    I'm populating the required fields, z1D_Action "CREATE", as well as Support Company, Support Organization, Assigned Group, and Assignee. Where is the Assigned Group Shift value originally specified? Would it be an option if it was configured for the group in CFG:Assignment Configuration?


    I'm using this method to bring data from my custom form, into Incident Interface Create, to enable the necessary workflow to fire off when pushed to HPD:HelpDesk.


    I appreciate the answers so far, I've been working with the ARS 7.1 Configuring pdf as well as the Integration whitepaper, and am still not sure what else Incident Interface Create needs to create incidents WITHOUT being told "No groups were found using automated routing. You need to manually select a group. (ARERR 44699)".

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