Essayons Catholicism For Dummies

  • Discover the foundations of the Catholic faith
  • Know where the Church stands on important issues
  • Explore Pope Francis's global popularity

What's it like to be Catholic today?

About one-fifth of the world's population is Catholic. Whether you are among them, are planning to be, or are simply curious about one of the world's largest religions, this book is packed with information that will deepen your understanding. You'll discover the history, foundation, practice, and perspective of what it means to be Catholic. No matter why you chose this book, you'll find answers to some of your biggest questions about the Catholic faith.

Inside …

  • What Catholics believe
  • How the Church is structured
  • The sacred rite of the Mass
  • Details about the sacraments
  • How body and soul play a part
  • Important rules of the Church
  • Ways to grow in faith
  • Ten popular saints

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