Essays On Most Memorable Day Of My Life

The Most Memorable Day of my Life

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Written by Muqaddas Ali, Karachi

The memorable day of my life in class 9 and I think that that day will be memorable for my entire class!!
Chemistry is so boring. I am always bored in the Chemistry period. The lecture on atoms, particles and elements makes me so sleepy. I am always yawning and feel so drowsy … not just me but my whole class does so except some of the genius students! The ‘Suqrat’ and the ‘Buqrat’ as we call them. Those geniuses include Mafaza (my best friend), Warda (the emotional ‘boy’ of our class), Hareem and some of the others, but only some!
Now I am going to tell you the story of one of the period of Chemistry when I was in Class IX.
Mafaza and I were sitting on the same bench in the class. The Chemistry teacher entered the class room.
“Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, teacher!”
“Walaikum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh! We are going to do chemical equations today. Open your registers, please.”
“Oh ... so boring,” Mafaza whispered. I gave her a ferocious look. “Mafaza! please give me that …” I left the sentence incomplete as the Chem. teacher passed by our seat.
“Thanks.” Mafaza thanked me for changing the subject or else the teacher would have heard her remark. “Please be quiet now,” I requested her.
Ok now read what happened next.
Our teacher asked Yusra (sitting on the first bench), “Come and solve this equation on the board.”
My heart began to beat really fast. I thought it would be my turn soon and I knew nothing. I will surely die today if she calls me. There are 28 students in our class but my turn could come any time. Oh, what will I do?
“Ok next. Yumna come to the blackboard.”
Oh my God that means Yusra, Yumna, Ayesha, Masfa, Mafaza, and then……..ME??
One by one!!!
Allah please help me, please!!!
“If you do not want to appear in the examination then please stay at home,”
She was telling Yumna sarcastically. But no, her remark was for all of us.
The whole class was silent even the naughtiest girl … every one became quiet. “Go back to your seat.” She ordered poor Yumna.
“Ayesha and Masfa, will both of you come here?” Both of them went up there but came back soon with beautiful remarks from the teacher.
Allah please you are Raheem, you are Kareem, please have mercy on me.
“Who’s next?” she raised her eyebrows. Mafaza karma?”
My heart started beating faster and faster. I was trembling, even my teeth were chattering.
Ya Allaaah, please, please, please!!!!
You are there, when no one else is
You are near when no one else is
Mafaza went and came back with ironic remarks like, “Why are you wasting your parent’s money?”
Mafaza was almost in tears, so was I. She is the smartest student in my class ... the position holder, the math master … but Chemistry?
Now it was my turn!! I nearly stopped breathing.
I was reciting the du’a: Ya Hayyu ya qayyumo bi rehmatika astaghees with my eyes closed.
Then wonder of wonders! Instead of calling my name she called Alina’s who was sitting right behind me. I was dumbstruck … absolutely astonished.
Ya Allah is it really true or am I dreaming?
My frozen hands started to melt, my trembling body was now at rest.
It was then Nida’s turn and so on but not mine.
The bell rang and the period was over!
I thanked Allah, my heart was filled with the greatness of His mercy. He is great undoubtedly!!
A single period of Chemistry taught me that.

Most Memorable Day of My Life

Yesterday evening, I was too bored and annoyed to follow my daily monotonous chores. I felt my body was demanding some spiritual recreation that I kept it deprived for many long days. It urgently needed a serene calmness to get fully energized and feel fresh once again. After thinking about the options I had, I finally decided to plan and enjoy an evening ride by visiting some previously unexplored locations outside Kalyan city.

I usually don't wander alone and always prefer keeping a good friendly company of adventurous people. Now the evening tour plan was ready to implement and without wasting more time I quickly contacted my buddy Sameer Akrani. To my luck, Sameer too was free, and he willingly accepted my proposal to join me for an adventurous evening journey.

Later Sameer picked me at my residence and we soon hit the national highway to enjoy our Road Trip. I was excited and even little curious figuring out how I can make this evening the most memorable day of my life. While speedily driving his Bajaj Pulsar bike, Sameer was simultaneously trying to communicate his special plans by shouting loudly, as the fast rushing wind was cutting his voice. After driving for almost an hour, we finally freed ourselves (at least temporarily) from the cacophony and congestion of Kalyan city. Soon we were in the woods and Sameer was thrilled to drive his 150 cc motorcycle on long empty Kacchha (raw) road in a countryside India.

While enjoying my ride, I was deeply mesmerized by the scenic natural beauty of wide open lush green farms. I was extremely satisfied by inhaling the fresh aroma of divine atmosphere and was emotionally elevated by seeing a flock of birds flying high up in the fluorescent orange sky.

We traveled a little further and soon felt hungry. We took a short halt beside a stream to rest and enjoy the snacks. While I was busy unpacking our food boxes, I heard someone whistling and trying to communicate with his friendly gestures. It was then I saw three village kids approaching us.

The most memorable day I've ever enjoyed with Nilesh and Abhijeet, just before our stream bath.

The memorable day with Nilesh, Abhijeet, and Bunty inspecting the stream.

Looking quite worried a child said, “Hey! Hey! Hello Sir, it seems you're new to this place. Are you lost? Please don't worry, just take a U-turn to reach the national highway. It will take you only 20 minutes.”

I politely responded, “My dear friend, thank you for your concern and help. I'm glad you are worried about my safety and goodness. Please! Don't worry anymore, I'm not lost. I am enjoying your nature blessed area with my friend.”

Another child said, “So you're hanging out in the woods and enjoying a picnic. Awesome! A Great job. I'm also spending time with my friends. Where are you from?”

With a smile, Sameer replied, “I'm from Ulhasnagar and my friend Gaurav is from Kalyan city. We reached this spot because we've never been here before. Your area is beautiful and free from pollution. Why don't you all try these tasty spicy Parathas? (A Paratha is an Indian Roti stuffed with potatoes) Please have some and tell me your names.”

While eating paratha child pointed his finger at his two friends and said, “These are my best friends Nilesh and Bunty, and my name is Abhijeet. We study at the Lokmanya Vidyalaya High School. We come here often for an evening swim. Will you join us? We all will have a great fun.”

Oops! Kids invited us to swim with them in an open cold stream. Sameer stared at me for a minute in dilemma and with a big question mark on his face.

We were both very confused, and each one of us was thinking, “Man, this is not what I've planned to do, never even dreamed of doing this. I don't even know how to swim? What to do?”.

These boys then jumped into the stream one after another and started shouting, “Hey! Join us. Come on, Jump! Jump!! Jump!!! Don't worry, it's not very deep, and your feet will touch the base. We tried your 'Parathas', and now you must try swimming in our natural pool. Come on. You're welcome my kings. Jump! Jump!! Jump!!!”

Now with so much bombardment of encouragement from these young village kids, I couldn't stop myself from, not jumping into that cold stream water. I'm a grown up city man, and my prestige was at stake. I was extremely motivated and showing some courage I finally jumped into that cold stream water. My jump was not very good (Sorry! I'm bad with water sports), and I slammed on the water with a loud noise. I felt as if I banged my body on a concrete wall. Luckily, I was not injured, but the water made its way inside my ears and for a time being I was not able to hear anything clearly. Seeing me slamming badly on water, Sameer decided not to jump else slowly and steadily enter the water from a safer side. While shivering and muttering some strange, unrecognizable words Sameer finally was in the water. We all laughed when Sameer loudly took God's name and took his first dip. It was an awesome experience for him too.

Possibly while enjoying water Sameer slowly muttered, “Holy God of all heavens, something inside water is tickling me again and again. Man! It is now unbearable. Hey! Gaurav, this is weird and ridiculous. Please! You all guys don't guess I'm crazy if I laugh out with no sensible reason.”

A few minutes later, Sameer screamed instantly without any warning, “God damn it! It is now biting me. Oh! Ouch! No, Nope, now something down there started kissing my nipples.”

We all were laughing like crazy maniacs, and it was too hard for us to control it. It was a great fun to be a part of this rare, epic and hilarious situation. I never laughed like this before since quite a long time. It was one of the greatest funny movement of my life which I find it too hard to narrate in simple English words.

I knew Sameer was purposely over exaggerating and was trying his level best to add more fun and humor to this funny situation.

Somehow I managed to control my laughter and conveyed to Sameer, “Sammy! Don't worry. These cute little fishes are only eating your dead skin, and their tickling kisses will cleanse your body. Just stand still, keep your posture erect and enjoy your free Ichthyotherapy.”

Similar funny conversation continued for another half an hour. We both swam in the water (Oops! Sorry again, in actuality neither me nor Sameer have any knowledge about swimming. We both were merely standing, sometimes dipping and stretching our limbs to fake our so-called imaginary swimming tactics.) for almost an hour and then it started to get dark very fast.

This water sport made us all very thirsty and hungry. Sadly, we both were running out of our potable water, and our snacks' stock was already empty. No drop of water was left to quench our thirst, and we had no extra food to satisfy our hunger. Now it was almost dark. I quickly put a glance on my waterproof wristwatch with night mode ON. It was blinking and showing 07:15:42 pm. It was not too late to freak out. We always keep some reserve time for unexpected circumstances.

Our inner wears were totally wet, and we had no reserve backup nor any room of privacy so as to change our clothes and feel comfortable. Wet, thirsty and hungry, we decided to depart as quickly as possible. We were about to leave but soon Bunty's father showed up.

The father of Bunty was a tall and strong man. His muscular physique and surprise visit little tensed us. But then were very relaxed by his kind and friendly attitude towards us. After a little bit of introduction, he said you've swum in water and must be hungry. His guess was 100% correct. I was feeling a pinch in my stomach. He kindly offered us an invitation for dinner. We were instantly shocked, flabbergasted, got madly happy and were very much interested to accept his invitation. Our body was telling,'Say Yes' but our deep-rooted cultural upbringing were compelling us to kindly say, 'No.' I tried to revoke his dinner offer by shooting an excuse of time and stating this would get us too late to reach our home. Sameer was not saying anything this time, and soon he started shivering badly. I'm sure this time he was not faking it. This great man quickly glanced Sameer's condition and kept insisting that we must visit his house located in a nearby village. He repeatedly insisted us to visit his house where we could warm ourselves by sitting beside a bonfire, eat some home-made food and only then leave. Finally, I said yes to him, after realizing Sameer's bad condition and unbearable pinch in my stomach. I said we are coming, and this generous man quickly took out his cell phone and called his wife instructing her to prepare a tasty meal for two guests and also asked her to light a small bonfire.

On our arrival to his Wada (a huge traditional Indian house fully made of teak wood) in Sakarwad village, we were stunned to know that he was a respected Sarpanch (a village head). He was a wealthy farmer and highly educated person having a master's degree in agricultural technology.

While we were chatting and enjoying the pleasant warmth of a bonfire, his wife Narmada Maushi lovingly served us some Sherbet (a sweet cold drink) and Sheera (a delicious Indian snack). 'Maushi' is a Marathi word meaning mother's sister. I simply can't express how relaxed I felt after eating this traditional sweet Indian delicacy. Now my stomach-pinch was stopped completely, and I felt much better. In a meantime, while his wife was preparing dinner for us he showed us his family photo albums. He discussed his Kuul (family ancestry and its origin). He also briefly narrated great accomplishments of his forefathers, who once served their loyal service to the Peshwas (Head of Maratha Sardars) and contributed immensely to the expansion of 'The Great Maratha Empire'. His interesting talks continued and soon dinner was ready to serve.

We were asked to wash out hands and feet from a nearby well water. To our surprise, this meal was not an ordinary dinner else an extraordinary royal traditional feast.

They served us local mouth-watering cuisines like:

  1. Dahi Mishrit Kombdi Rassa: It is a mouth-watering and spicy Chicken curry cooked in yogurt and coconut milk.
  2. Chicken Tikka Sukkha: Fried Chicken pieces mixed with some spicy chutney. It tasted like an Indian version of KFC Fried Chicken.
  3. Aambat Jeerayukta Lal Basmati Bhaat: A cumin flavored soured brown Basmati rice.
  4. Kadak Nachnichi Bhakri: A double baked circular Indian bread made of Finger millet flour.
  5. Gaavthi Madhoor Raita: A rural India's traditional amber colored salad with fresh homemade curd and Kashmiri Kesar spice.
  6. Teekhat Thecha: A hot and spicy mix of green and red chilies, salt, garlic, coconut milk, coriander, etc. Thecha is stronger in taste than chutney.

This unique royal feast was the tastiest Aasaal Aagri food I ever ate. After our grand meal, we were also offered a Godaa Paan with Gulkhand.

The English meaning of Marathi words used in the above paragraph:

  1. Aasaal is Marathi word meaning original.
  2. Aagri is a name of a community with a unique culture.
  3. Godaa is Marathi word meaning sweet.
  4. Paan means betel leaf.
  5. Gulkand is a sweet jam made of rose petals.

What more should I say? It was simply the best, loving, king-like, a highly generous and unique hospitality I ever experienced in my life. For sure, without any doubt, I will never forget this awesome, memorable treat I accidentally and unexpectedly enjoyed in my life.

It was ticking 09:22 pm, when we thanked Mr. Dhananjay, his wife Narmada Maushi and their loving son Bunty for their awesome hospitality. We also shared our cell phone numbers to keep in touch and for future correspondence. It was now 09:37 pm when Sameer kick started his bike and slowly accelerated it. Sitting at the rear end of the motorbike I leaned backward and kept waving my hand many times continuously expressing my hearty gratitude and showering my blessings on this Great Indian Family, I luckily encountered.

I reached my home safely at 10:45 pm and went to bed at 11 O'clock. Before sleeping while laying on my bed, I was constantly thinking, how great this unexpected evening trip was, filled with adventure, fun, curiosity, love, generosity, and compassion. This evening was probably the best Memorable Eve of my life.

I sincerely say, “Thank You” to following five:

  1. Almighty God for striking in my mind an evening tour idea.
  2. My buddy Sameer Akrani for giving me an adventurous company.
  3. Three cute friends and funny little angels I met.
  4. Loving and exceptionally generous Indian family of Mr. Dhananjay from Sakarwad Village
  5. Sameer's four-year-old Bajaj Pulsar (150 cc) motorbike without which this journey was not possible.

I repeat once again, “This evening was probably the best Memorable Day of my life.”

I'm glad and feeling proud that I devoted some leisure time to document this precious experience of mine.

I appreciate you (dear reader) for sparing your valuable time to read this short essay.

Yours truly,

Gaurav Akrani.

From Kalyan City, Maharashtra state, India.

Date: 2/05/2011.


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