Essay On Railway Journey For Kids

Out of my many railway journeys, I remember the trip to Lucknow as the most interesting. Last month, I and my parents decided to go to Lucknow and attend the marriage party of my cousin. We got our suitcases ready and went to the station by rickshaw.

There was a great rush on the sta­tion and after one hour I was able to get three tickets. Then, we came at the platform.

There were many people waiting for the train. Some were walking here and there and some were sitting on their luggage as there were no seats available. Hawkers were selling sweets, fruits, toys, tea, coffee and cigarettes.

After some time the train arrived. There was a great rush because some people were coming out of the train and some were going inside. Some how we went inside the train and got seats. After ten minutes the train began to move. From the running train we could see green fields on either side.

After four hours we reached Luck- now. We took an auto rickshaw and reached my relative's house within a few minutes. They all were happy to see us.


During the last winter vacation, out class teacher, Mr. Vivek Sharma wished to take me and some of my friends to Puri and spend a few days there. On 26th December of last year, we were asked to arrive at Howrah station at about seven o’clock in the evening to avail the Puri Express. We boarded the train and it left Howrah Station just in time.

We found that the compartment was full of passengers and piles of luggage with every one of them. Somehow I managed to stand by the side of a window. The train was running at a great speed. When I looked through the window I forgot everything of the world and completely lost myself. I saw the vast open fields and Mango and Sal trees in the moonlight night. Seeing this unearthly beauty of nature my heart was filled with indescribable pleasure and joy. I was amused seeing the houses and trees passing by very fast from my eyes.

Our train at first halted at Kharagpur. Vendors boarded the train and came to us to sell their goods. On the following day the train arrived at Puri in the morning. On the whole, I gathered a pleasant experience but the confused loud noise of the passengers and the dust and heat of the train inside gave me a lot of trouble.

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