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Running Head: PSY: 510: Research Method in Psychology 1Short PaperImagine that you are an online tutor for an undergraduate Research Methods course. One day, you get this email: Dear Tutor, I am having some trouble understanding why it is so important to randomly assign participants to experimental conditions. It seems to me that if you have a large enough sample, the results would probably be valid even if you didn’t bother to randomize the participants. Why is it important to go through the trouble of randomizing participants? Also, if you are going to randomly assign participants, how should you do it?Undergraduate thank you for writing to me voicing; your concerns about not understanding why it is important to randomly assign participants to experimental conditions. Let me explain toyou why it is important to go through randomizing participants, and how we assign them. By performing randomized experiments, it allows the researchers to systematically measure the impact of the intervention’s on a specific outcome of scientific interest. An important thing about randomization with an experiment is it automatically controls all variables. Some variablesin randomization could be cofounding and have some validity issues. First we look at the cause that is considered to be the independent variable. Second, we have the effect/outcome which is the dependent variable, and thirdly we have the other factor which is known as the cofounding variable. Researchers control the values of and an explanatory variable with a randomization procedure. After, we see a relationship between the explanatory and response variables. This willhave evidence that the experiment was a casual one. By doing this we will be able to eliminate any possible biases that could arise within the experiment. The main purpose why we use

PSY 510 SPSS Assignment 2Before you begin the assignment:Review the video tutorial in the Module Six resources for an overview of exploring data and running descripTve staTsTcs.Download and open the Album Sales SPSS data set. Data adapted from Field, A. (2013).Discovering staTsTcs using IBM SPSS staTsTcs(4th ed.). ±housand Oaks, CA: Sage PublicaTons, Inc.An overview of the data set:±his data set contains data for 200 di²erent rock albums (i.e., each row in the data set represents the data for one album). Speci³cally, the following variables are included:AlbumNumber:±his is the ID number of the album. ±here are 200 albums, so this variable ranges from 1 to 200.RecordCompany:±his is the record company that promoted the album. Values of “1” stand for Next GeneraTon Records, and values of “2” stand for Worldwide Entertainment.Adverts:±his is the adverTsing budget of the album. ±he values are in thousands of dollars.Sales: ±hese are the sales of the album. ±he values are in thousands of sales.Airplay:±his is the number of Tmes that the album was played on the radio in the last year.

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