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If you were to explore the hallway outside the band room doors you would find a well lit display case overflowing with trophies and memorabilia. Each item has a story and reflects a legacy of excellence left by dedicated students and faculty dating back to 1960. Lining the walls are pictures of those students, shoulder to shoulder in various uniforms of black and gold. Each one a testament to those that came before them.    

Bishop Moore Catholic High School has a long standing tradition of community and the band program has always been a part of that experience. Concert band performances are always educational, moving, and emotional events as they share the evenings with the amazing Bishop Moore Concert Choir. Our marching band has traveled and entertained audiences from Savannah, GA and Washington D.C. to New York City, and across the pond to Dublin, Ireland. They are frequent participants in numerous community events and parades in and around Central Florida. Multiple winners of the Regional Marching Band University Classic, they are the reigning Division 1A Champions. Come to a BMC Football game on a Friday night and listen for Mr. Manchon's announcement .... 

"Keep your seats ladies and gentlemen and prepare for the sights and sounds of The Bishop Moore Catholic High School Black & Gold Brigade.”

Choral Program

Bishop Moore High School's Choral Program provides students the opportunity to experience vocal music in a variety of styles through rehearsal and performance. There are several choirs and ways to be involved in vocal music at BMC; Womens Choir is a non-auditioned choir open to 9th-12th grade students, Concert Choir is a mixed choir of auditioned students in 10th-12th grade, and our Liturgical Choir is non auditioned and is open to all students. Liturgical Choir meets after school during 9th hour on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

Our choral program continues to grow each year as well as our standards of excellence. We consistently have Bishop Moore students represent our choirs at the Florida All State Choir in Tampa as well as the American Choral Directors Association Honor Choir. BMC choirs consistently earn superior ratings at district music performance assessments and solo and ensemble festivals. Our choirs have been selected to sing in Disney's Candlelight Processional at EPCOT Center, the National Catholic Educators Association conference, and they have even performed at the Orlando Magic Basketball games.

All choirs are full year curricular courses which provide students with an arts credit. Liturgical Ensemble is offered during 9th hour three days per week, but all other chorus classes meet during the school day. Please e-mail Sarah Purser for more information.

Our Curriculum

Specially designed to include courses that encourage success at the post high school level, our curriculum exceeds Florida’s Department of Education requirements and employs inter-disciplinary techniques that help students integrate their learning into daily life. 

Core Classes
Placement in our core classes (math, science, language arts, history, and government) is based on students' entrance exams, previous transcripts, and teacher recommendations. In addition to state required courses, our students also take religion and theology classes. 

Students at BMC round out their schedule with electives (classes they choose based on their interests and talents). We offer a variety of classes in fine arts, physical education, technology, the sciences, publications, and world languages.

We integrate technology into every classroom at BMC. From electronic textbooks to current event research and the latest educational applications, our students are actively involved in their learning. For more information, visit our Technology page.

AP Offerings
In addition to our respected diploma, qualified students may enroll in the Moore Academic Scholars Program. By choosing from up to 23 advanced placement classes during their years at BMC, students can graduate with an honors diploma.

Fine Arts

We recognize the importance of the fine and performing arts in the lives of our students. We offer exposure to the arts through electives like band and vocal music, a variety of art classes, drama, speech and debate, photography, and digital media.

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