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In my quest for legitimate help writing a cover letter, I did a Google search – cover letter help. Simple enough, right? There were 420 results. Research is one thing, but hours can go by before you find the help you’re looking for.

The thing that drew me to go to LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder was the term “builder.” That’s what I was looking for. I wanted to participate in the building process. I wasn’t interested sites that simply house a collection of cover letter examples, templates, “how-to” articles or guides, especially when all that and more can be found at the LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder site.

Three Step Process

Step One
Go to “cover letters” and choose Cover Letter Builder. At the next screen, choose “create letter.”
Step one, done. So far, this LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder Review is off to a good start.

Step Two
Choose the type of cover letter template option that suits your needs. There are more templates available, but the most common are:

1. General Cover Letter (all purpose)
2. Career Change
3. Letter of Interest
4. Networking
5. Reference Request
6. Internship
7. Military Transition
8. Recruiter Contact
9. Returning to Work Force

Personally, I was happy to see the Career Change option. I was having difficulty expressing a career change in positive terms.

Step Three
At this stage, I was presented with a career change cover letter template.

There are 22 format choices, from Classic to Contemporary, and all you have to do is click on the thumbnail of a format to change your letter to see how it looks. You can change format at any stage of the process.

The template not only allows for the proper format and personalization of the addressee information, but sets up the building blocks for a solidly constructed cover letter with personal and career experience mentioned at the right time. Simply hover over the section your want to edit and click on it. You’ll be presented with examples of professionally written wording and tips, but it’s your letter and your choice.

At this point, it’s up to you to fill-in your relevant experience, transferable skills and personal qualifications. You didn’t think you were going to get away without having to put some serious thought into the process did you? Only you know you. Take advantage of the tips offered. You can add a section wherever you like, or move or delete sections to make the letter your own, but keep in mind that these templates are professionally written. If you’re like me, you’ll be on the LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder site because you need help.


As I write this review of the LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder, it’s pretty easy to come up with a list of benefits.

– LiveCareer consolidates a wealth of information in one place. There are numerous articles to help in your job search, and they contain real information. Before you choose Cover Letter Builder, take a few minutes to explore the site and see all they have to offer.
– Once you’ve completed your cover letter and saved it, you can always go back and edit it if you think of something you should have included.
– You can download your cover letter in multiple formats, including Adobe pdf, MS Word, rich text, plain text and web page.
– You can create multiple cover letters for different industries or specific situations as mentioned in Step One above.


– The cons are not nearly as apparent. In fact, aside from the expected learning curve in maneuvering the site, I don’t see any.
– Some might say it’s still hard to fill in the blanks with relevant experience and qualifications, but no career site can do that for you. That will always be the hard part.

LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder Review

Overall, the simple three-step process walks with you from beginning to end by asking the right questions. All you have to do is answer them.

Maybe I’ll check out their Resume Builder next.

Reviewed September 15, 2014 by Resume-Now, score: 5/5

LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder Review

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